Did you receive a bill from us? 

Though we practice at your local hospital, we are a private group of physicians named "East Bay Newborn Specialists."

You (or your insurance) will receive a bill from the hospital in which you were seen, and a separate bill from us.

No Surprises Act

It is our responsibility to make sure you know about the No Surprises Act which became effective January 1, 2022.

  1. Patients are not responsible for bills that result from out-of-network care for emergency services or certain scheduled services without their prior consent.

  2. Patients who are paying out of pocket for their medical services have a right to receive a good faith estimate of their potential bill for medical services when scheduled at least three days in advance.

  3. Medicare-, Medicare Advantage-, Medicaid-, Indian Health Services-, VA health care-, and TRICARE-covered patients have existing protections in place to minimize unforeseen bills, so the No Surprises Act does not apply to patients covered by these health plans.

When would someone receive a "Surprise Bill?”

  1. When a medical provider bills an insured patient more than what the insurer identifies as the patient’s portion of the amount due. For example: Billing more than the assigned co-pay or co-insurance.

  2. When a patient receives medical care from a provider outside of their assigned health-network.

These 'surprise bills' are prohibited by the No Surprises Act.